About Us

The Foreign Trade Intelligence Center, located within the Yalova Machinery Specialized Organized Industrial Zone, was established on May 21, 2021 in order to increase the export capacity of the OIZ participants and to increase their international competitiveness.
The concept of competitive intelligence, which emerged in the 1990s and has become more and more important every day, has become much more important with the impact of the pandemic on supply chains and the disruption of fair organizations that Turkish exporters use effectively as market-finding activities.Yalova Machinery Specialized OIZ Foreign Trade Intelligence Center finds the most appropriate market for the products they produce and potential buyers in that market for the OIZ participants. At the same time, it helps OIZ participants to find cheap and sustainable suppliers to reduce import costs. Yalova OIZ Foreign Trade Intelligence Center can also provide information services about the relevant tenders to be held or the winners of the concluded tenders by questioning the international tenders for the participants.

Our Services

We provide company finding service for up to 3 countries, 2000 companies and 2000 bills of lading in a single application. Our target market reports are prepared on a single HS code in a single application.

Target Customer Research

Finding potential companies that will be direct buyers for your product in the countries you

Target Market Research

Preparation of target market analysis report in order to enable you to choose the most

Tender Inquiry

Researching suitable tenders all over the world

Export Consulting

End-to-end export consultancy where we offer both target market report and target customer research.

Market Research for Sustainable Imports

Researching of low-cost markets for the imported product to reduce import input costs.

Sustainable Supplier Consulting

Research of suppliers in your chosen country to reduce the cost of import inputs and

Technical Intelligence

Patent research on the products you request.

Our Team